How to join

1. You will need to create a username and have our team number ready to reference before installing the Folding@home software. BadBirdies team number is 155278. For usernames, we use a naming convention of Tofu+type of animal (e.g. Tofucondor, Tofumonarch) but it is not a requirement.

2. Go to the Folding@home download page and follow the instructions to download the Folding@home software. You will be asked for your username and a team number when you install the software. Installation instructions for the Windows version can be found here.

3. There are several different styles of folding depending upon how dedicated you want your machine to be. There are also different versions of the software for Mac, Playstation 3, and other clients. The Folding@home Download page offers instructions on setting up the appropriate application.

Thanks for joining BadBirdies! Contact: