BadBirdies is one of over 193,000 teams that dedicate computing power to the Folding@home project run by the Pande Lab at Stanford University. Teams vie for rank based on number of completed "work units," a friendly competition in a supportive virtual community that benefits science by providing volunteer computing power.

Tofuwombat started BadBirdies as a Folding@home team in 2008 when he followed a link and read that his favorite kind of graphics card, a Nvidia 8800GT, could contribute to the project. His goal became to rank somewhere among the top ten percent of teams. Soon it was to be among the top one percent... then the top ten thousand... the top one thousand... We're currently among the top four hundred and inching ahead as new, faster computers are added to the team. We hope you'll consider joining BadBirdies.

As of January 2011, we are folding on six graphics cards and two CPUs.

Contact: info@badbirdies.com